Meet Larry and Joan Lichlyter...

We grew up in a small rural town in Kansas called Attica. We got married right out of high school in 1969 and settled in our hometown to start our family. The road to Branson for us started shortly after we were married. We fell in love with the area and began to make it a regular family vacation spot. The kids always looked forward to going to Branson and the unlimited assortment of fun and entertainment that the area offered.

We moved to the Tulsa Oklahoma area in 1999 to be closer to our grown children and future grand children. Tulsa is only 3 hours from Branson and we quickly began to anticipate more frequent trips with the kids and the grandkids. We started investigating the possibility of buying a condo knowing that we were now going to be able use it for our family more often. We chose The Notch Condominium Complex because of the perfect location. It is close to Silver Dollar City, quiet, peaceful, beautiful view of the Ozarks, and easy access to all the activities in Branson and the surrounding area.

We decided to purchase our first condo in the fall of 2003. Like most men Larry just figured we could leave it just like it was and it would be a great place to stay, but Joan had a different idea. She wanted it to be “just like coming home” instead of “just a place to stay”. Immediately all the walls had to be painted, all the existing pictures and decorations had to go, wallpaper and border had to be put up, furniture had to be replaced and soon it really was “just like coming home”. We called it The Lodge.

We knew that we could rent it to help with the expenses, but we really didn’t anticipate how many people we knew that frequent Branson. We own a car lot ( on a main highway with 20,000 cars a day going by so we put a sign out that said “RENT OUR BRANSON CONDO”. Soon we decided if we were ever going to get to stay at The Notch we better buy another condo cause every time we decided to go to Branson someone else was already there in The Lodge. It kind of just snow balled from there. Each one that we have purchased has gone through the same transformation that Joan started with. She doesn’t want it to be just a place to stay. She wants them to be ready for company and that is what we consider our guests. She wants each one to be “just like coming home”. Larry used to get aggravated with all the little extras that Joan insists we have in each of the condos, but he has finally realized that is one of the many reasons why people love our places so much. We work well together and redecorating the condos and also managing them has been a fun project for both of us. We are constantly trying to make them just a little more comfortable and homey, but just like our home Larry is concerned we will never be done redecorating. We now have 5 grandsons that require a lot of Branson trips. Whenever we are there we always like to stop by and meet our guests so don’t be surprised if we knock on your door sometime.